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My Pink Planner Thanks Volunteers!

All too often, I feature news about survivors becauseI created My Pink Planner to help connect survivors with people who want to help them. The other part of the equation is the volunteer.

I could not have made it through treatment without my network of volunteers. People I had never met were making my family meals. Friends were cleaning my house. Relatives were taking me to treatment. And Johnnie's friends parents were picking him up from the babysitter.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I would like to publicly thank all the volunteers who helped make me a healthier survivor. Here is the list of my My Pink Planner volunteers:

John Michael, Vicki, Caroline, Eileen, Maureen, Clare, Paula, Diane, Cadie, Denise, April, Genapher, Mary Alice, Jenni, Mary G., Mrs. Kitchin, Barbi, Terrie, Cathy G., Nancy, Michele, Cathy S., Jo, Vong, Estella, Susan, Amy, Pam, Lisa R., Susan and Stacey, Sherri, Lisa T., Tony, Dad, Mom, Kathy, Brian, Nicole, and Jim.

I also wish to thank my husbands' co-workers, the Chinese restaurants' delivery man, the drive-thru workers at McDonald's for telling me I looked good bald, and the survivors who would stop me to give me encouragement when my hair was growing out. Thank you!

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