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My Pink Planner's 11th Day of Christmas:

This is the second installment in our series of celebrating the holidays.

It was a cold, cold December night in 2004-- the week before Christmas. I was a couple of weeks out from my double mastectomies. I was a little sore, but feeling really optimistic about the future.

I was at home with my husband and our little boy enjoying the warm fire in the fireplace. We had rented a movie, and were getting ready to watch it.

Our doorbell rang. I thought, "Who would be crazy enough to be out in single-digit temperatures?"

I opened the door to find a woman, our babysitter's neighbor, Kathy Hopfinger, and her extended family of at LEAST 11 people standing on the lawn. They were carrying lighted candles, and singing something. I couldn't hear them very well, so I leaned outside to hear what they were saying. It took me a second to realize they were singing "Silent Night." I was stunned.

I had visited geriatric centers before singing Christmas caroles for the residents, but no one ever sang for me! I hadn't known Kathy very well or very long, but I had seen her that morning when I picked Johnnie up. Now she had gathered her family together to sing to us. Her single act of kindness made me realize that a kindness doesn't have to be something you want, but a kindness can be something you may unknowingly need. Her action took away my breath to the point that I knew I was having a "God Moment." That's a moment that was truly inspired by goodness, kindness and compassion.

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