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Patrick Swayze Dies from Cancer

Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze at one of the many red carpet events.

This photo is how I will remember Patrick Swayze -- the actor, dancer and singer who has died after a nearly two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. What can you say about a person who waged war on this swiftly-killing disease that normally claims lives 3-6 months after diagnoses? You can say he was a worthy adversary, a fighter. He was a a survivor whose body could no longer go on, but whose mind inspired us allto fight. Swayze was dignified during his very public battle especially when he starred in a cable television series while he underwent treatment. That's a true survivor.

I want to tell you about my near-brush with Mr. Swayze. I never met him, but it was the anticipation of working with him that I have never spoken about. I was living in San Antonio, Texas, when my agent was casting a movie called "Road House" that was to be shot nearby. I was asked if I wouldbe a stand-in for his character's love interest, actress Dana Delaney. Delaney eventually backed out of the role and the chance to meet and work with Patrick Swayze was scrapped.

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